A Rhapsody's Blooms, Boutique & Café Latté

A Rhapsody In Bloom is a full service floral shop with delivery, an espresso dessert cafe', unique clothing & unique artisan giftshop.

Since 1989.

Our Mission

💍 Born and raised in Tacoma, through my life experiences, I found my place in life to be to enrich important moments in peoples lives. My work as a florist gave me great tools to help out in those moments of happiness and sadness. When I found the little gem of a house on Sixth Avenue in Tacoma I was able to build a physical shop around this mission. The store allowed me to integrate the various parts into welcoming business that extends through the products and services outside the store into peoples lives.

🧗‍♀️ Since the COVID-19 crisis gave us new challenges we decided to support the community with handcrafted artisan masks in the style that you are used from us. We moved the business online and created an Artisan Online Shop where we offer the handmade masks in many sizes (kids, youth, adult) and many fabrics like flower, kids fabrics and adult masks with or without nose wire. But we also will restart the flower business on September 14, either online or by phone order, and we are making our inventory available online.

🥰 We are trying to create a little relieve and happiness with the products and hope you enjoy next to masks also our napkins, hats and clothes that we will offer online soon.

🇺🇸 We are in this together. Let's try to keep on to the joy of life beauty.

Our Story

Denise Burich-Smith


A Rhapsody In Bloom was founded in Dec. of 1989 and resides in a quaint Victorian House that seems like an anomaly amidst the hustle and bustle of trendy Sixth Avenue of Tacoma. Inside there’s a charming ambiance like what one would expect from a small town bed and breakfast. As you meander through the rooms you will find fashion accessories, locally made jewelry, unique clothing and many gift items including stationary and candles. Sitting in our glass surrounded Café’ Latte’, whether it’s a rainy or sunny day, you feel part of our outdoor garden. Our pillow topped benches and handmade tables are waiting for you and your favorite latte and dessert to join them and since we saw the community taking up these offerings and the events we our revised to A Rhapsody’s Blooms Boutique & Cafe’ Latte’.

The COVID-19 crisis hit us hard as we have been solely a physical business. We had to close for the moment and started to rethink our place in the community. We decided a great way to go is to create artisan masks and put these online for a cheap and affordable prices with regular offers (like buy-one-get-one). We want to make the masks for everyone and that is why we offer special sizes like artisan kids masks, artisan youth masks, artisan adult masks in different variations (wth or without nosewire) that are made from interesting fabrics. We also put our artisan clothing collection, hat collection and napkins online.

In September we will start taking flower orders again, either online or by phone while we figure out how we will re-open the store for the community.


This oasis of calm along busy 6th Avenue of Tacoma (WA) delights and surprises those who discover it. Come on in to A Rhapsody’s Boutique & Cafe’ Latte’ for fashion, gifts, espresso, desserts & pastries and experience a joyous environment that will put you in harmony with your very own world.


3709 6th avenue, Tacoma WA 98406

Opening hours

From September, we will restart the florist business 💐 online or through phone order. Due to COVID-19 the physical store is temporarily closed, but we are working on welcoming you soon again.